Local 7’s COVID-19 Resource Booklet

COVID-19 is impacting our country, our state, and all of us in unprecedented ways. If you have recently found yourself laid off, or struggling through a reduction in hours or wages, we hope this booklet will be a valuable resource for you. We are committed to working with and assisting you through this challenging time.

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Maryland Unemployment Info for UNITE HERE Local 7 Members

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If you’re laid off or making less than 50% of what you normally do, you may be eligible for unemployment and should file ASAP.

Beginning Friday, April 24, 2020: If you have insufficient work history, if you’ve exhausted your 26 weeks of benefits since 7/1/19, or if you’re self-employed, an independent contractor, or a gig worker, you can apply & will receive benefits retroactive to your earliest date of eligibility.


PHONE: 877-293-4125 or 410-853-1600 (Mon. – Fri. 7am-6pm & Sat. 8am – 12pm). The lines are busy, keep trying! You can also try 410-853-1700
Full list of Claim Center Numbers: https://www.dllr.state.md.us/employment/officenum.shtml

WEBSITE: [Click here]

If you make a mistake or have an issue, you can’t revise your claim online. Call the number listed above.  If applying online, save your confirmation number & print/take a screenshot of the summary of your claim.


You must file a weekly claim certification each week that you are unemployed for you to receive your benefits! The workweek for unemployment runs each SUNDAY through SATURDAY at midnight. You can file your claim certification for the previous week between each SUNDAY at 12:01am through Friday at 5pm. File online or by phone:

Webcert:  https://secure-2.dllr.state.md.us/WebCert/Logon.aspx

Telecert: Bmore Area/Out-of-State: 410-949-0022  Other parts of MD: 1-800-827-4839

Do NOT wait to get letters in the mail before you complete your weekly Web/Telecert. The sooner you do the Web/Telecert each week, the sooner you’ll get your payments.

PIN: The first time you do a Web/Telecert, you’ll create a pin. SAVE YOUR PIN!

Web/Telecert Questions

1 – “Were you able and available to work in your occupation without restrictions?” 

Answer YES (or press 1 if filing by phone). This answer will avoid any unnecessary issues with your weekly claim certification and potential delay of your benefit payment.

2 – “Did you attend school or training during the week?” 

Answer NO (or press 2 if filing by phone) if you DID NOT attend school/training or answer YES (or press 1 if filing by phone) if you DID attend school/training.

3 – “Did you actively look for work during the week?”

The Secretary of Labor ordered a temporary exemption to the work search requirement for 10 weeks from the first week you filed your Web/Telecert. Answer YES (or press 1 if filing by phone) if you DID look for work or answer NO (or press 2 if filing by phone) if you DID NOT look for work. Even if you answer NO, you will NOT be denied your benefit payment.

4 – “Did you work or earn money during the week?”

Answer YES (or press 1 if filing by phone) if you DID work or earn money during the week or select NO (or press 2 if filing by phone) if you DID NOT work or earn money during the week. If the answer is YES, you will be asked to report the amount of your earnings. Report ALL gross earnings in the week you earn them, even if you haven’t received payment. “Gross earnings” is the total income you earned before any taxes or adjustments were taken out.


The federal relief package will increase your unemployment benefits by $600 each week & expands eligibility for benefits. Details for how this will improve Maryland benefits:

EXTRA $600 PER WEEK (“Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation”)

  • $600 per week on top of your current regular unemployment benefits
  • This extra $600 will be effective March 29, 2020 through July 31, 2020(for four months)
  • Once MD unemployment’s technical systems are modified, this amount will be automatically updated if you qualify & are receiving benefits


13 WEEK EXTENSION OF BENEFITS (“Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation”)

  • 13 additional weeks of unemployment benefits(that includes the $600 increase in the weekly benefit amount), on top of the 26 weeks of unemployment that MD already allows
  • This extension is effective March 29, 2020 through Dec. 31, 2020
  • As of 4/22/20, MD’s unemployment site says: Starting Friday, April 24, new claimants and those who are already receiving benefits will automatically receive an additional 13 weeks of benefits under the CARES Act. Current eligible claimants do not need to take any additional steps to receive these extended benefits. Labor will be directly contacting claimants who have recently exhausted their benefits, so they can reapply for the additional 13 weeks.”

EXPANSION OF ELIGIBILITY: (“Pandemic Unemployment Assistance”)

  • Individuals who are not usually eligible for regular unemployment & who cannot work due to COVID-19 are eligible for a maximum of 39 weeks of benefits, which includes the extra $600 per week
  • Effective January 27, 2020 through Dec. 31, 2020
  • As of 4/22/20, MD’s unemployment site says: “Starting Friday, April 24, those who are self-employed, independent contractors, gig workers, or have insufficient work history will be able to apply online. To receive an e-mail with additional information and instructions once the new application is ready, please sign up here.”

Visit Maryland’s Division of Unemployment Insurance for more details: https://www.dllr.state.md.us/employment/unemployment.shtml

Download Maryland Unemployment’s federal relief package FAQs for more information about changes to benefit eligibility, duration, and amounts: MD Unemployment FAQs Coronavirus Aid

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